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 December 2014

 Sunday 7th     CLEETHORPES. Memorial Hall. Grimsby Road. 25 tables  Free Admission        10am  -  3pm  DN35 8AH

 Saturday 13th  YORK City Screen Cinema. Coney Street (city centre) 25T  Free Adm.               10.30am  -  4pm YO1 9QL

 Sunday 14th    LIVERPOOL Holiday Inn. Lime Street (facing station).  40 tables                          10am  -  3pm  L1 1NQ

 Sunday 21st    No Fair

 Sunday 28th   LEEDS Corn Exchange. Call Lane (city centre). 40 tables  Free Admission           10am  -  4pm  LS1 7BR



  January 2015

  Saturday 3rd    KENDAL Parish Hall. Kirkland (A6).  35 tables    Free Admission           10.00am  -  4.00pm    LA9 5AD

  Sunday 4th       DONCASTER DOME (BIG FAIR). Leisure Park. 70+ tables     10.00am  -  3.00pm   DN4 7PD

  Saturday 10th  MANCHESTER. Sachas Hotel. Tib Street. Piccadilly.  40 tables                 10.00am  -  4.00pm   M4 1SH

  Sunday 11th    No Fair

  Saturday 17th  SHEFFIELD The Workstation. Paternoster Row.  30 tables Free Adm.    10.00am  -  4.00pm   S1 2BX

  Sunday 25th   LEEDS. Corn Exchange, Call Lane, city centre. 45 tables  Free Adm.         10.00am  -  4.00pm  LS1 7BR         


  February 2015

  Sunday 1st      BUXTON Pavilion Gardens. St. Johns Road. 50 tables                               10.00am  -  4.00pm  Sk17 6BE

  Saturday 7th   YORK City Screen Cinema. Coney Street. city centre. 25T Free Adm.    10.30am  -  4.00pm  YO1 9QL

  Sunday 8th     LIVERPOOL Holiday Inn. FAIR POSTPONED . Next fair 22nd March

  Sunday 15th   DONCASTER DOME (BIG FAIR). Leisure Park. 70+ tables    10.00am  -  3.00pm DN4 7PD

  Sunday 22nd  LEEDS Corn Exchange. Call Lane, city centre.  45 tables  Free Adm.       10,00am  -  4.00pm  LS1 7BR

  Saturday 28th MANCHESTER. Sachas Hotel. Tib St, Piccadilly. 40T. 1000th Fair         10.00am  -  4.00pm  M4 1SH  


  March 2015 

  Sunday 1st    CLEETHORPES Memorial Hall. Grimsby Road. 25T  Free Adm.           10.00am  -  3.00pm  DN35 8AH

  Saturday 7th  KENDAL Parish Hall. Kirkland (A6).  35 tables Free Admission             10.00am  -  4.00pm  LA9 5AD

  Saturday 14th YORK City Screen Cinema. Coney Street. 25T  Free Admission             10.30am  -  4.00pm  YO1 9QL

  Sunday 22nd  LIVERPOOL Holiday Inn. Lime Street. (facing station) 40 tables           10.00am  -  3.00pm  L1 1NQ

  Saturday 28th SHEFFIELD. Workstation. Paternoster Row 35T Free Adm.                 10.00am  -  4.00pm  S1 2BX

  Sunday 29th  LEEDS Corn Exchange. Call Lane. (city centre) 40T Free Adm.              10.00am  -  4.00pm  LS1 7BR


  April 2015

  Sunday 5th   BUXTON Pavilion Gardens. St. Johns Road. 50 tables                               10.00am  -  4.00pm  SK17 6BE

  Monday 6th  DONCASTER DOME (BIG FAIR). Leisure Park 70T              10.00am  -  3.00pm  DN4 7PD

  Sunday 12th  SKIPTON Town Hall. High Street. 35 tables Free Admission                  10.00am  -  4.00pm  BD23 1AN

  Saturday 18th MANCHESTER Sachas Hotel. Tib Street, Piccadilly. 50T                     10.00am  -  4.00pm  M4 1SH

  Sunday 19th  CLEETHORPES Memorial Hall. Grimsby Road. 25T Free Adm.          10.00am  -  3.00pm  DN35 8AH

  Saturday 25th YORK City Screen Cinema. Coney Street. 25T Free Admission            10.30am  - 4.00pm  YO1 9QL

  Sunday 26th  LEEDS Corn Exchange. Call Lane. city centre. 45T Free Adm.              10.00am  -  4.00pm  LS1 7BR   



For further information please phone Bernard on 01457 854851 or email Cliff :



                                                                                  Stall Bookings

    Stalls are available at most of our fairs.  One table costs 45, two tables 70. Three tables 90.  Tel: 01457 854851 or email  to book. 

    Prepayment required in advance for new dealers.

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Come along to one of our fairs and enjoy a great day out. Meet the sellers face to face and examine the condition of the records   yourself. No mis-described items or long waits for the post to arrive. Haggle to get that bargain and enjoy the buzz and sociability that only meeting like-minded people can bring.


  Adult - 2.00

  Conc. - 1.50

(Doncaster & Manchester 3)

Fairs open 10am

Close either 3pm or 4pm

readmission at any time


When the Compact Disc first appeared in the late 1980's it was thought the days of the vinyl record were numbered. Yet amazingly over 20 years on, it is possible that vinyl could well see off the CD. There is no denying that the vast majority of the music buying public switched to the new format. Its undeniable appeal was its ease of use and portability. But there was always something lacking - the detail and warmth in the sound, the artwork and presentation, the pleasure in watching the tone-arm track across the record. Even the odd hiss and crackle added to the authenticity. The younger age group once regarded as the download generation are shunning CD's and have discovered the pleasures of vinyl and record fairs for the first time, being the ideal place to find all genres of music at bargain prices. The record companies that were slow at first to see what was going on under their noses have now started to increase their output of new releases and back catalogue on vinyl. This is a trail that had been blazed by a myriad of small pressing plants all over the world for the format that just refused to go away.

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